Beauty Trends That We Cannot Avoid In Year 2021

2) Skincare that focuses on the microbiome

Skincare that focuses on the microbiome

The microbiome in combination with skincare is also a brand new approach. It seems as if the germs that live on the skin communicate with the intestinal germs, and certain inflammatory processes in the context of skin diseases are also related to the intestinal microbiome and skin microbiome.

Almost a hundred different bacteria colonize our skin. Similar to intestinal bacteria. However, they are helpful as long as they are in a balanced equilibrium. Then the skin, with its acidic pH value and its natural defence mechanisms – such as sebum – can fight off harmful bacteria.

However, our modern habits are sometimes harmful to the balance of the skin: it cannot tolerate the chlorinated water of the outdoor pool, nor daily hot showers, nor the use of different soaps and lotions.

The microbiome’s natural fats get out of balance as a result of these presumed care and hygiene measures, and as a result, the skin flakes, itches, and reddens.

Pre and probiotic cosmetics are supposed to restore balance to the skin. Bifidobacteria, a probiotic, are said to support the skin’s immune response, for example. Other beauty brands work with live bacteria to target the same effect.

3) The Epidermal Growth Factor

The Epidermal Growth Factor

There is also a huge innovation in the field of active ingredient cosmetics, which was first approved on the market. The epidermal growth factors are plant-based peptides that stimulate the epidermis to grow. What does that bring us?

Studies have shown that it is not the wrinkles that make us look old, but the skin density. Youthful skin is dense and rich in tissue, you don’t see any veins showing through: Our tissue density decreases with age, and the skin becomes more or less transparent. With EGFs, we can let the skin density grow strongly and thus gain a healthy, vital complexion – almost like before. These are used as a serum or a cream twice a day.

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